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Welcome to the Michigan Solar Wind Model (mSWiM) site!

mSWiM was developed in order to provide solar wind conditions at a range of solar system objects beyond Earth’s orbit.

The model calculates solar wind conditions using measurements from near Earth orbit spacecraft as input and propagates these conditions radially outward to various solar system objects using a 1-D MHD model.

The output of the model is freely available. However, we do ask that you register so that we know who is using our results and so that we can provide support as needed. After registering you will able to download the model runs within just a few minutes.

Please take a minute to read about the propagation method, our validation and both the strengths and limitations of the method so that you can use the data correctly.

We hope you find the model useful and would ask you to provide feedback so that we can improve the usefulness of our product.

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