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mSWiM Data Use Policy

Model results are freely available after registration. We ask that you register because it helps us to know how many people use the model results and for what purpose. In addition, registration allows us to notify users about any errors that we find or of new releases of results.

As noted in the methods and validation sections there are limitations to the model results. In order to facilitate proper use of the solar wind propagations we strongly suggest that you contact K.C. Hansen or B. Zieger.

Although our model results are freely distributed, there is a considerable amount of work behind their generation and development. Our preferred interaction would be to collaborate and co-author articles which use our results. As a minimum, we expect to be referenced and acknowledged in publications. Please reference the paper:

Zieger, B. and K.C. Hansen (2008), "Statistical validation of a solar wind propagation model from 1 to 10 AU", J. Geophys. Res., DOI: 10.1029/2008JA013046.

We also expect that you will inform us of any presentations and publications that use mSWiM model results and that you will acknowledge use of results with an appropriate acknowledgement. Something like:

We thank K.C. Hansen and B. Zieger for providing solar wind propagations from their Michigan Solar Wind Model (

We have worked hard to ensure that the mSWiM code and results are free from errors, but we cannot accept responsibility for erroneous results, or for misunderstandings about how the results should or should not be used. This is especially true if we are not asked to collaborate in use of the propagations.

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